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Wayne Booker
Wayne Booker
Columbus, OH

Wayne Booker is a business broker and a licensed commercial real estate agent. 

His 30 plus years of marketing, financial, and manufacturing experience make him 

well qualified to bring existing businesses to market or to help an owner find acquisition 

targets. In addition he works with executives who have decided to leave the corporate 

life and want to purchase a business or franchise.

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Dave Driscoll

President, Metro Business Advisors
St. Louis, MO

Dave has been an entrepreneur since his graduation from St. Louis University. 

Early in Dave’s career, he started a company that manufactured consumable

paper products. After 28 years, he sold that business and began his second

career working with fellow business owners to facilitate the successful sale and
transfer of their businesses.  

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David Eggenberger

Principal Business Intermediary, Otis Enterprises Ltd.
St. Paul, Minnesota

David brings more than 30 years of valuable experience in business
development, operational management, and financial analysis/management.
David works with buyers and sellers, facilitating a specific step-by-step
approach, that maximizes value for his clients.

Michael E. Levin

Principal Business Advisor & Business Intermediary
Allan Michael Group, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN
Michael has extensive experience with financial institutions and bringing together 

successful transactions. He has a broad knowledge of business processes, financial 

management, and organizational leadership. In addition to owning various businesses, 

he has experience in brokering businesses and investment real estate.

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Terry Wagner
Senior Vice President
Zoellner, Garten & Company
Cincinnati, OH

Terry joined Zoellner, Garten & Company in 2009.  He is a Cincinnati native and a graduate of the 

University of Cincinnati.  Terry’s experience includes over 25 years of business ownership.  He 

founded several local companies that he grew and eventually sold to large corporations such as

Brambles Industries and The Cintas Corporation. Terry brings extensive knowledge and experience

in sales and marketing and understands how businesses operate. 

John W. Zoellner
President, Zoellner, Garten & Company

Cincinnati, OH

John founded Zoellner, Garten & Company in 1988 after spending over 17 years as a Commercial 
Lender in the Banking industry.  He has undergraduate degrees in Finance and Economics and a Masters 
of Business Administration – Finance degree. Mr. Zoellner has "hands-on" experience, having started,
purchased, and sold businesses. He currently serves as an Advisor and/or Member of the Board of Directors
for several areas of business.